Formulaire de commande

All Foxy and Friends Books are available in French!  Please feel free to use this order form. Simply print it off, fill it out, scan it or take a photo of it, and email it back to me. I will invoice you and send you your books.
If you are placing an order for your school, you may need to complete a purchase order which is then forwarded to me. I will invoice you and send off your books! If you are ordering online through this website, go to the Shop page and be sure to click on the Options button. If you wish to order online, please go the the “Shop” page.

$8.00 per book/pocket chart song/ABC chart
$45.00 for any set of 6 copies- save $3.00 per set of 6! (multiple titles or all the same title, pocket chart song and/or the ABC chart can be included to make up a set)

Complete Sets of Foxy Adventure Books: (does not include a pocket chart song/ABC chart or the 6 Nonfiction titles)

  • 1 of each title (30 books): $225.00
  • 2 of each title (60 books): $450.00
  • 3 of each title (90 books): $675.00
  • 4 of each title (120 books): $900.00
  • 5 of each title (150 books): $1125.00
  • 6 of each title (180 books): $1350.00

10% shipping and handling (minimum of $8.00)
5% GST

You can always call me if you have questions about filling out the order form or anything else:
250-766-4871 or email me at:

Here is the 2023-2024 order form:

You can preview all the books, the pocket chart song and the ABC chart on the “Shop” page by clicking on the individual titles or by looking in the catalogue.