Story Videos

Author Lynda Henney reads Foxy and Friends Books. Perfect for sharing with your students!

YAY! This is exciting! Will share with my kiddos. They love Foxy and Friends!” Tweet from Katie Keier (co-author of Catching Readers Before they Fall).

This is SO fun! Teacher Lisa Shapiro from School District #61 Victoria shared this with me: My son, Jamin, so enjoyed your books in his Kindergarten class last year. As a teacher, I am excited to have learned about them too! I can’t wait to share them with my students. Here is a link to the French version of the story that Jamin made up after being inspired from your beautiful and creative stories:

The title is “Renardo, c’est le hero”.
Thank you Lisa and Jamin for sharing! I LOVE this!!

Watch Gwenaelle Oger-Black, the French coordinator for the Delta School District, as she reads “Renardo”.

Here is Gwenaelle reading “Renardo a faim”. Enjoy! Click on the link below to watch.

Watch and listen to Gwenaelle reading 3 Foxy and Friends titles each week!

Watch as Amelia Hutchinson, grade one teacher in Burnaby, BC, reads “Foxy and his friends find Forest Animals” as a provocation for her students. She is working on Story Workshop and is encouraging her students to write their own stories!