Foxy and Friends Books are written for beginning readers. They range from level 1 to level 12. Levels 1 and 2 are pattern books which are perfect for Kindergarten. At this stage children are learning about concepts of print such as directionality, voice to word matching, where to start on each page, what is a word, and what is a letter. Children quickly memorize these little stories and then we can ask questions such as “Can you show me which word says Foxy?” “Which word starts like your name?” “Can you touch each word as you read?”

Encouraging children to use the pictures is very important. Foxy and Friends Books offer high picture support. The photographs also offer an excellent starting point for conversations. Children’s oral language development is foundational to learning to read and write!

I recommend that you do not discuss the reading levels with your child or students. The levels help teachers organize books by their complexity. They are not helpful when they become the basis for competition or rewards.
For an excellent discussion on levelled books, check out Pat Johnson and Katie Keier’s article “Leveled Books- Questioning our Practice (Parts 1 and 2)” on their site: https://catchingreaders.com/page/2/

The chart below explains the levelling system used for Foxy and Friends Books.

Levelling Chart